Thursday, March 23, 2017

SHADOW MAN by Alan Drew

 Detective Ben Wade returns to the quiet town of his childhood.  He hopes to save his marriage by sheriffing in a small town instead of Los Angeles.  But being in this town brings back repressed memories that interfere with his life. And then, there is that serial killer.  In a small, quiet town?!  Ben must face the memories of someone whom he trusted and what must still be happening after the death of a young man. Is it suicide or the serial?  Ben is busy with two tragedies past and present.  The outcome is a surprise waiting to be discovered.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

EMMA IN THE NIGHT by Wendy Walker

Loved this book.  I loved her first book and this one is just as good.  I enjoy the psychological aspects that Ms. Walker puts in her books.  Two sisters are three years apart and as close as any teen-age sisters can be.  Emma was older and had to take Cass places with her, but Emma, like any older teen, didn't want Cass hanging around her.  Then, one day, they are both gone.  They just disappeared without a trace.  How can that happen?  And three years later, Cass reappears, alone.  The detective and FBI behavioral psychologist, who were involved in the case in the beginning are called in again. But, can the psychologist, Abby, handle the stress, again?  She will not give this case up.  She needs closure.  Abby was convinced, in the beginning, that the mother was some how involved and maybe even the cause.  The FBI would not listen to her theories. The detective, Leo, would not let her push for fear of her being destroyed.  But in the end she is right.  Great book.  I love psychological mysteries.