Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BLOOD FLAG by Steve Martini

BLOOD FLAG by Steve Martini is about a flag that was carried by Hitler in his rise to power before WWII.  I don't know if the story about the flag is true but in the book many people are after it.  Paul Madriana and his law partner, Harry Hinds, defend a client against the murder charges of her father.  But, Emma Brauer, the client, knows her father was afraid of someone after he receives a small package in the mail. Emma swears she did not kill her father.  In their research, Paul and Harry discover two of Mr. Brauer's friends have died suddenly.  Law assistant, Sofia, suffers the same fate.  This can't be an accident, can it?  In comes the mystery of the Blood Flag.  Paul and Harry must find out who is killing people and why is the flag so important.  Surprise ending you will never see coming.

Monday, February 1, 2016

MAESTRA by L. S. Hinton

A very different book.  Not quite FIFTY SHADES but not a simple mystery either.  Judith came from poverty but would not accept that as an adult.  She wanted everything she never had.  But, until she ran into an old school chum, she wasn't sure that would happen.  Whe Judith met the rich men in the gentlemen's club, she saw how she would handle her new status.  But, the first death she witnessed gave her an insatiable appetite for murder and more.  Be prepared for shocking and ruthless scenes.