Friday, July 22, 2016

THE OTHER WIDOW By Susan Crawford

Someone may be trying to kill this couple.  Could it be his wife?  Joe tells Dorrie they must quit seeing each other.  Joe's wife, Karen, knows he's having an affair.  She fears she could loss too much if Joe leaves her.  Dorri's husband suspects but would he leave or kill Joe to keep Dorri?  Good read.  Not gory really.  I thought there were too many characters and they were not developed enough.  All and all the story line is good just too much going on and not enough detail.


Great book.  Really enjoyed it .  Anne and Marco's babysitter cancelled at the last minute.  They are just going to be next door.  The homes have a shared wall.  What could possibly happen if they took the monitor and checked on her every half hour?  Turns out a lot.  When Anne and Marco get home at 1:00am their baby is missing.  Will she be alive and who would take her?  I'm still not sure which couple is the couple next door.  They both have secrets to hide. Very interesting book.  Must read!