Tuesday, December 30, 2014

THE DAUGHTER by Jane Shemilt is beautifully written.  The author has a way with imagery and description.  However, I did not like the ending.  Sorry, I am a happily ever after person.  Naomi is 15 years old when she disappears.  The things the police and family uncover do not seem to fit with the girl they knew.  Her parents are both doctors and busy most of the time. They don't seem to really know their children and find this out after Naomi disappears.  I did enjoy the book but was disappointed in the ending.  But, that is just my preference.  I would recommend this book.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


HUSH HUSH by Laura Lippman is a good book.  Tess is a PI working for an attorney.  This attorney is representing an old girlfriend, who still has a thing for him.  The attorney, Tyner,  is married to Tess's aunt.  Wow. Why is melisandre back?  Is it really to do a documentary on mother's who kill their children?  Oh yeah,  she did that, too.  Melisandre is working with a producer, Harmony, to make the documentary.  Stephen the ex-husband will not let Melisandre see the girls or allow them to be interviewed but now he is murdered.  Oh what a tangled web, and all that.  Who killed Stephen and was melisandre really "crazy" when she killed her daughter.