Thursday, October 17, 2013


DOING HARM by Kelly Parsons is a great  book.  There were quite a few medical terms, although the author explained them, it made the book wordy.  Dr Mitchell was stuck in a precarious situation caused by a beautiful med student.  The student is killing patients for their safety.?  She was also blackmailing Dr Mitchell.  The trick is how will Dr. Mitchell get out from under her lies and make sure she is caught.  Well, enter Luis.  That's all  I'll tell you.  You must read it. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Very good book, I loved it.  A work of fiction with many interesting events and much history.  The judge is murdered by a gangster (which is the true basis) but the why and who put the thought in his head is the mystery.  I enjoyed reading the historical events and this book made me want to read the true accounts of Judge Crater's murder.  Loved it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

ALENA by Rachel Pastan

ALENA by Rachel Pastan is ok.  The authors prose is very poetic and descriptive in a flowery way.  We don't know the speakers name but she is enticed to move from a small Wisconsin town to Cape Cod to be curator of a well-known art museum.  She finds this to be the chance of a lifetime but when she arrives she is immediately confronted by the ghosts of the past curator.  No one can give up Alena's presence.  The narrator becomes so entwined in the mystery that she never leaves although they do open a new museum in a new place yet by the ocean.  The book starts with the speaker going back to the past museum and then remembering the troubles everyone encountered.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

IN THE BLOOD by Lisa Unger

Good book.  Surprise ending.  When Lana Granger gets her first grown up job she finds her young charge a force to be reckoned with so to speak.  But are things really as simple as they should be?  When Lana's roommate disappears does Luke, her young charge, know anything about it.  He seems to be on a path to find her roommate, Beck.  But the police suspect Lana after looking into a past friend's death.  There is a surprise at the end I sure didn't see coming for quite a while into the book.  I wasn't sure who was writing in the diary; it could have been Rachel, Lana or Lana's mother who was murdered.  That could be the answer to all of the mysteries.