Thursday, October 23, 2014


AFTER THE FALL is excellent.  Patricia Gussin is great at relaying the mystery and tension in her writing.  Even though I knew Jake was the bad guy, the story still help my attention.  Each event was a surprise and the ending was especially masterful.  Laura must decide what she will do now that she can no longer operate after an accident damaged her hand.  Will she take the corporate job offered her?  Laura's life will become more complicated in this new job, in more ways than one.  She has many decisions facing her, also.  Tim, an old friend has proposed and Laura has many secrets to face before she is totally free to marry and live her life happily.  Good book.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Paula Hawkins will make you rethink the truth.  Do we really know the truth or do we make up the truth as we want it to be?  The girl on the train watches the scenery but doesn't really SEE it.  Rachel makes up stories about the people she passes while riding the train to work.  I do it (well not on the train) with people I see out and about.  But she finds out, as much as she wants to believe the stories, that it is not how she imagined.  Even the people she thought she knew are not as she believed.  Great read.