Wednesday, June 13, 2018

THE OTHER WOMAN by Sandie Jones

Emily meets Adam. She never wanted to fall in love after her last tragic love. She did. Adam seemed like a dream man. Emily couldn’t believe her luck until she met Adam’ mother, Pammie. Pammie was a piece of work. She seemed to undermine and criticize every thing about Emily. Yet she was so nice to every one else. What was the problem. Adams brother, James got engaged and Pammie was as sweet as she could be. But then Adam changed and Emily couldn’t figure him out. Had his mother gotten to him. He began staying out at all hours. He became demanding. Emily was confused but knew she still loved him. And then he cancelled the wedding. The ending will knock you down. Must read to find out what’s going on. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

BAD CALL by Stephen Wallenfels

This book was slow starting. I didn’t like the flashbacks in between the actions. They were frequently redundant. Four high school seniors on the tennis team, are playing poker one evening and make a bet. They would go hiking in the Gand Canuon. Rhody, one friend backed out at the last minute but CEO had a plan. CEO invited a female friend to accompany them. When Ellie realized she was the only female she almost backed out. But CEO is quite the conspirator . So they all went hiking...... things went from bad to worse quickly. They had rain, snow and bears. But never fear, Grahme has a hatchet. What is he planning to do with the hatchet? Three come out of the hike and one is missing. Find out who doesn’t survive. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018


SHELTER IN PLACE by Nora Roberts was a very emotional book. Imagine being the victim of a mass shooting. I realize this is quite a heart-wrenching event given current events. How would you deal with it if you were directly involved. I’m not sure how I would deal. I know I would not deal like Patricia did. I wish I could deal like Simone did but that skill escapes me. This was a very eye opening story, written quite well as Nora always does.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Of the three children, Ellie was the favorite. It was devastating to her family when she disappeared. None of them thought she ran away except the police.  For ten years her mother, Laurel, hoped Ellie would come back. She was never spotted, none of her belongings had been found. And then, bones and a backpack were found.  DNA testing showed these were Ellie’s. And then Laurel could move on. She had lost her family and pretty much her whole life as she knew it. But when she meets Floyd and his daughter it all becomes better. His daughter, Poppy loves Laurel and Floyd and Laurel become very close.  He isn’t the man Laurel thinks he is and only one person knows this. Her son’s girlfriend gets a glimpse of his psyche. Laurel just can’t believe it.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


John Coleman survived a very rough time in a young life. He lived through brutal murders of “the butcher”. His father was a detective on the police force and was assigned the case. His father didn’t find the butcher and was taken off the case and I get the impression the force. He became a very bitter man who took it out(it seems) on his son, John. John subsequently finds his father dead from a self inflicted gunshot. Now, an attorney, John finds a friend from his regular haunt, a bar, in the dumpster brutally murdered and ravaged. His wife is concerned he may have feelings of guilt because he just gave a reporter an interview about the butcher. She is also concerned about their daughter and the backlash she may get at school, like John received back when. 
Interesting book. Liked it and would recommend it.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


THE GATE KEEPER by Charles Todd is an Ian Rutledge mystery.  This is a British mystery set in the early1900’s. Ian Rutledge’s sister has just wed and Ian feels as though he is without family. Ian drives until he comes upon a woman in the road by a dead man. When he questions her she insists she did not do it. Being from Scotland Yard Ian is to stay and investigate. But this murder seems to be connected to two more murdersthat follow. Could they be over a book, a simple book?  Ian will have to find out who and why.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

OUT of the DARKNESS. By Heather Graham

I love Heather Graham’s writing. It makes me picture everything as I read. Her characters seem like real people and the scenes come to life as I read.
The young man Dave’s is as I would picture and I can see him m telling his cousin that his dad was with him with conviction. The other characters are high school age and just chomping at the bit to be out of there and into that haunted mansion. It is still close o Halloween here and I remember how I felt going into the haunted houses scared but in a hurry to go to the next one.

Heather makes me want to know what is going to happen to the ones who enter the haunted mansion.i would never have stopped reading at this particular spot. I want this book!