Tuesday, January 9, 2018


John Coleman survived a very rough time in a young life. He lived through brutal murders of “the butcher”. His father was a detective on the police force and was assigned the case. His father didn’t find the butcher and was taken off the case and I get the impression the force. He became a very bitter man who took it out(it seems) on his son, John. John subsequently finds his father dead from a self inflicted gunshot. Now, an attorney, John finds a friend from his regular haunt, a bar, in the dumpster brutally murdered and ravaged. His wife is concerned he may have feelings of guilt because he just gave a reporter an interview about the butcher. She is also concerned about their daughter and the backlash she may get at school, like John received back when. 
Interesting book. Liked it and would recommend it.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


THE GATE KEEPER by Charles Todd is an Ian Rutledge mystery.  This is a British mystery set in the early1900’s. Ian Rutledge’s sister has just wed and Ian feels as though he is without family. Ian drives until he comes upon a woman in the road by a dead man. When he questions her she insists she did not do it. Being from Scotland Yard Ian is to stay and investigate. But this murder seems to be connected to two more murdersthat follow. Could they be over a book, a simple book?  Ian will have to find out who and why.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

OUT of the DARKNESS. By Heather Graham

I love Heather Graham’s writing. It makes me picture everything as I read. Her characters seem like real people and the scenes come to life as I read.
The young man Dave’s is as I would picture and I can see him m telling his cousin that his dad was with him with conviction. The other characters are high school age and just chomping at the bit to be out of there and into that haunted mansion. It is still close o Halloween here and I remember how I felt going into the haunted houses scared but in a hurry to go to the next one.

Heather makes me want to know what is going to happen to the ones who enter the haunted mansion.i would never have stopped reading at this particular spot. I want this book!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


BEST FRIENDS FOREVER by Margot Hunt is a mystery for sure. Howard, a wealthy financier, falls off the deck and is killed. Kat is married to Howard.  Howard’s death may not have been an accident even though he was a drunk. The police have a witness who saw a woman push Howard. Kat was out of the country. Howard was having an affair with someone Kat knew because she had a private investigator follow him.  Alice is Kat’s best friend, not Howard’s love interest however.  Now the police are questioning Alice. This is a very twisted plot in many ways. A must read. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Hidden away for years, no one missed Maggie.  She just didn't show up for work one day and no one questioned where she was.  It's hard to believe , Maggie could be deceived for years. She was, though, until her sister tried to find her.  Her sister could find no trace of Maggie.  Meredith, Maggie's sister, met Harvey in the coffee shop she had glimpsed Maggie hriugh the window.  Meredith became suspicious of Harvey and tricked him into leading her to Maggie.  I didn't particularly like this book. It seemed too far fetched or maybe the content didn't actually explain how the ending came to fruition.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

THE MISSING by C. L. Taylor

The Wilkinson's son is missing, 15 year old Billy.  He left the house angry after a fight with his brother and never came home. Is he dead or playing a cruel joke on his family?  It's been six months and no sign of or word from Billy. Everyone feels guilty.  His mother, Claire for spending the night with her parents. Father, Mark, feels bad for arguing with Billy and brother Jake for punching Billy. Maybe there is someone in the house who is guilty after all. You must read the book to find out.  I never suspected the murderer.  Could it be mother, father or brother?  Or maybe it is someone else, uncle Stephen, who Billy was close to or his brother, Jake's, girlfriend.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


THE NAMES OF DEAD GIRLS by Eric Rickstd is a good book. It is a series with Frank Rath, former police officer.  I had not read any of his other books and it is not necessary. This book is completely understandable without background info. Although retired, Rath is called in to investigate a missing person. The reason he is called is because Rath investigated a case years ago involving this victim. And then, he finds out the murderer of his sister and brother in law has been released from jail. Must read the book to find out how these are connected. But in the midst of this problem there are more murders and how are those connected?  Wow, what a twist you'll find in this story.  I did get a bit confused and feel the other murders could have been a whole book on its own.