Monday, June 24, 2013

The Tilted World

THE TILTED WORLD by Tom Franklin is excellent.  The story tells about the great Mississippi River flood of 1927.  We see the events through the eyes of Dixie Clay and her natural enemy, a revenue agent.  Dixie Clay is a moonshiner and she meets Ingersoll, the revenuer.  Then besides the flood disaster Dixie Clay's life begins to change.  She gets a child, her husband is a saboteur, and she falls in love with her natural enemy.  Tilted World is historical fiction and love story.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mrs Poe

MRS POE by Lynn Cullen is an excellent book.   I have always enjoyed Poe's works but never knew much about the man.  Frances Osgood, poet, and Poe had an affair and a child.  They were never however able to be together as man and wife.  Guilt and the times held them at arms distance their entire lives.  If you are a Poe fan this is a must read book.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Massacre Pond by Paul Doiron

I am not sure the title fits the book but the book is good.  When conservation officer, Bowditch is called by his friend to investigate the death of five moose on the Morse estate Bowditch is determined to find out.  When he calls in help his boss takes over.  His boss has political stars in his eyes.  When this guy bumbles the investigation Bowditch risks his job, best friend and being with his dying mother to find the person who is now killing people as well as animals.  Can he find out before his life is ruined?

TELL ME by Lisa Jackson

Reporter Nikki Gillette is about to get married to a police detective.  But then they both come upon the same case.  Will their conflicts become too much?  Nikki's childhood friend, Amity, is murdered when they are only 15 years old.  Amity's mother is convicted on an 8 year old's testimony.  Now, this child all grown up has recanted the story.  Amity's mother is being released from jail.  Nikki wants to know the truth.  The police want to keep amity's mother in jail.  The more investigation the more Nikki finds how much her family is involved.  Good book, great read.