Wednesday, January 27, 2016


REDEMPTION ROAD is a mystery with many twists.  Police officer, Elizabeth, is on suspension for investigation of the murder of two men.  They had kidnapped a teen girl but did Elizabeth have the right to murder to them like they were murdered?  They had their knee caps shot off and their groins obliterated.  In the meantime ex-cop, Adrian, is being released from jail.  Elizabeth has always been his only champion. She didn't believe he was guilty of murdering the woman he was convicted of murdering.  The back story is constantly changing, not in a confusing way; unless you are trying to guess the outcome.  There are many characters whose lives are intertwined.  The murderer is easily guessed but why, is the hard question.  I would definitely recommend this book.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I enjoyed this book.  It grabbed my attention at the beginning.  Then when it switched gears and began telling about Naomi's dating life and house remodeling, I thought oh boy another romance.  I guess you figured, I'm not a romance lover.  Now I don't mind some mixed with my murders but strictly romance is a "no go."  Well, I was wrong there.  In comes the serial killer and my attention was grabbed, again.  Great story about a young girl, Naomi who finds out, at 12, her dad is a serial killer.  He gets caught and I thought it was over.  Not so, enter a copy cat of her father and my interest is, again, peaked.