Thursday, October 13, 2016


When Charlotte can't find her sister, she becomes a little concerned.  But not too much because she has disappeared before.  When Charlotte tries to ask her sister's, Jocelyn, best friend where Jocelyn might be she finds Jocelyn's friend dead.  Charlotte finds two men at the apartment and decides to confide in one of them, a former profiler.  When other friends start to disappear, the story gets even more interesting.

THE TWENTY-THREE by Linwood Barclay

I enjoyed this book.  There were almost too many plots; I sometimes had trouble figuring out which plot they were discussing.  I was very surprised by the perpetrator of the poisoning. I hated the ending. It was left wide open. But I did enjoy the book.  The Promise Falls police department were looking for the person who put poison in the water supply and in the act killed the man on duty and  over 200 people.  During this whole investigation, a woman at the town college is found dead.  This death seems to be that of a serial killer who has killed two women before.  And an inmate has escaped prison.  The ending of some of these mysteries is not even in the story.  I did not like that.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A SIMPLE FAVOR by Darcey Bell

Not sure who was more twisted, the wife in GONE GIRL or the wife in A SIMPLE FAVOR.  Emily was the ultimate of restless and dangerous.  She wanted more.  More money, more love, more of everything.  Emily asked friend Stephanie to pick up her son, Nicky, from school but failed to tell her she was going to be away for awhile.  She told her husband if he heard she was dead not to believe it, but failed to tell him that she had a twin sister.  What does the twin sister have to do with it?  Well, you must read the story.  It is as twisted as Emily is.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

HER EVERY FEAR by Peter Swanson

Can a person be a freak magnet?  Kate Priddy thinks she is. What are the odds of death stumbling upon her, not once, but twice?  Kate is a bit neurotic but these incidents are real. They are not her imagination. Kate leaves London to trade apartments with her American cousin, whom she's never met.  But as she arrives a dead body is found.  As much as she tries to be detached, the incident keeps following her.  Did her cousin leave the country to hide from the police?  Kate needs to find out.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

WITHOUT MERCY by Jefferson Bass

As usual Jefferson and Bass have come up with a winner, again.  WITHOUT MERCY is about forensic anthropologist, Dr. Bill Brockton.  He loves his job solving murders unless it's his own.  Working on the bones of a person who had been chained to a tree and used as bear bait, leads Dr. B to a murderer he foiled 25 years ago.  Now inmate, Satterfield, has escaped and is after Dr. B.  The title brings to light whether Satterfield should be taken back to jail or captured "without mercy."  Read to find out what happens.

Friday, July 22, 2016

THE OTHER WIDOW By Susan Crawford

Someone may be trying to kill this couple.  Could it be his wife?  Joe tells Dorrie they must quit seeing each other.  Joe's wife, Karen, knows he's having an affair.  She fears she could loss too much if Joe leaves her.  Dorri's husband suspects but would he leave or kill Joe to keep Dorri?  Good read.  Not gory really.  I thought there were too many characters and they were not developed enough.  All and all the story line is good just too much going on and not enough detail.


Great book.  Really enjoyed it .  Anne and Marco's babysitter cancelled at the last minute.  They are just going to be next door.  The homes have a shared wall.  What could possibly happen if they took the monitor and checked on her every half hour?  Turns out a lot.  When Anne and Marco get home at 1:00am their baby is missing.  Will she be alive and who would take her?  I'm still not sure which couple is the couple next door.  They both have secrets to hide. Very interesting book.  Must read!

Thursday, April 21, 2016


ALL IS NOT FORGOTTEN by Wendy Walker is told from the point of view of the psychologist who is learned about recovering lost memories.  Jenny Kramer was brutally attacked at a party.  Jenny was given a drug to erase her memories of the attack.  But our minds are smarter than that.  We may not cower from specific events or people, but the brain has an emotional memory.  Jenny cannot understand why she has such a rage inside her.  The rage affects everyone associated with her, even her psychologist and his son.  Good book, sometimes the explanations from the psychologist require slower reading and more attention. All in all I would recommend the book.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

THE WOMAN N CABIN 10 by Ruth Ware

Lo, short for Laura, is given the chance of a lifetime.  She is booked on the maiden voyage of the yacht, Aurora.  Everything is free.  She is a journalist for a travel magazine.  After Lo's apartment is burgled, she is ready for a restful vacation.  But on her first night she thinks she hears someone fall or get pushed overboard.  But no one believes her.  She had too much to drink and she takes antidepressants, according to the head of security.  Did she imagine it or is something "fishy" going on?  Who has access to her room?  Someone is stealing any evidence she has had and leaving her threatening messages.  Psychological thriller well worth your time to read.  Many twists and turns abound.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Tommy Sanderson is on summer vacation. He is hanging with friends just like most other kids his age.  A new guy in town is welcomed into this group. But Arnold is much older.  Exactly how old, the boys don't know.  The parents are unaware of Arnold until Tommy doesn't come home and the police question the boys.  Josh and Luis, Tommy' best friends, and Tommy snuck out in the middle of the night.  Three boys went out but only two came back.  Where is Tommy and what is happening to him?  Do his mother, Elizabeth, and his sister, Kate, see him or maybe his ghost in the house?  Who is dropping pages from Tommy's journal on the floor?  A must read mystery.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BLOOD FLAG by Steve Martini

BLOOD FLAG by Steve Martini is about a flag that was carried by Hitler in his rise to power before WWII.  I don't know if the story about the flag is true but in the book many people are after it.  Paul Madriana and his law partner, Harry Hinds, defend a client against the murder charges of her father.  But, Emma Brauer, the client, knows her father was afraid of someone after he receives a small package in the mail. Emma swears she did not kill her father.  In their research, Paul and Harry discover two of Mr. Brauer's friends have died suddenly.  Law assistant, Sofia, suffers the same fate.  This can't be an accident, can it?  In comes the mystery of the Blood Flag.  Paul and Harry must find out who is killing people and why is the flag so important.  Surprise ending you will never see coming.

Monday, February 1, 2016

MAESTRA by L. S. Hinton

A very different book.  Not quite FIFTY SHADES but not a simple mystery either.  Judith came from poverty but would not accept that as an adult.  She wanted everything she never had.  But, until she ran into an old school chum, she wasn't sure that would happen.  Whe Judith met the rich men in the gentlemen's club, she saw how she would handle her new status.  But, the first death she witnessed gave her an insatiable appetite for murder and more.  Be prepared for shocking and ruthless scenes.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


REDEMPTION ROAD is a mystery with many twists.  Police officer, Elizabeth, is on suspension for investigation of the murder of two men.  They had kidnapped a teen girl but did Elizabeth have the right to murder to them like they were murdered?  They had their knee caps shot off and their groins obliterated.  In the meantime ex-cop, Adrian, is being released from jail.  Elizabeth has always been his only champion. She didn't believe he was guilty of murdering the woman he was convicted of murdering.  The back story is constantly changing, not in a confusing way; unless you are trying to guess the outcome.  There are many characters whose lives are intertwined.  The murderer is easily guessed but why, is the hard question.  I would definitely recommend this book.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I enjoyed this book.  It grabbed my attention at the beginning.  Then when it switched gears and began telling about Naomi's dating life and house remodeling, I thought oh boy another romance.  I guess you figured, I'm not a romance lover.  Now I don't mind some mixed with my murders but strictly romance is a "no go."  Well, I was wrong there.  In comes the serial killer and my attention was grabbed, again.  Great story about a young girl, Naomi who finds out, at 12, her dad is a serial killer.  He gets caught and I thought it was over.  Not so, enter a copy cat of her father and my interest is, again, peaked.